Supporting One Health

Preserving microbial diversity

To forever secure the basis of the naturally evolved diversity of the microbiota important to humankind to support health globally.

Hand in hand with Local Working Collections

Equitable Framework

The Microbiota Vault initiative provides an equitable framework for the study and preservation of microbial diversity worldwide. It collaborates closely with Local Working Collections who retain control over their specimens. The Microbiota Vault initiative supports equitable and inclusive approaches to microbiome research and preservation.
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Dominguez-Bello et al., 2016
Microbiota Vault EDI policy

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EventsSymbNET PhD Summer School on Host-Microbe Symbioses in Portugal

This Summer School is designed for PhD students interested in host-microbe symbioses to acquire an in depth understanding of the field from diverse perspectives through the interaction with experts in this research area. These include researchers using different model systems, and levels of analysis from molecular biology, to ecology and evolution. The Summer School will have an emphasis on functionally understanding these symbioses, with approaches including genomics and metabolomics. The students will acquire critical knowledge for their future choice of research direction.

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